Sun&sea&special DJ sets – boat parties are waiting for you!

The first boat party of the season is now only 11 weeks away! That’s just a little over 2 months and you know they’re going to pass crazy fast! Did you get your tickets yet? Because boat parties are always the first party to sell out …

What’s a boat party?

A boat party is a gathering of music&sea lovers, people with affinities to bathing suits and partying on a small wooden or metal vessel in the middle of the sea. A party happening with loud music from awesome DJ’s playing just for you. A crazy intro to another out-of-this-world festival night.

What should I take with me?

Maybe we start with the DON’T! Don’t take too much – don’t take your sweater and pants, don’t take a sandwich and maybe don’t take your phone;)

But do take your bathing suit, a towel, sunglasses and some spending money. (And listen to your mom’s voice in your head: “Always wear sunscreen, my dear girl/boy!”). A waterproof camera is a must because it’s going to be a great new (Instagram friendly) memory. Flip-flops are optional …

Where can I find me one of those … boat parties?;)

This summer in Croatia is going to be packed with boat parties. There are over 10 festivals organized during the three-month peak season in Croatia’s top party locations – Pag,  Split and Hvar, – and most of these festivals offer boat parties. Let’s check out the list:

  1. Spring break festival – the first boat parties of the season
  2. Sonus festival – a fancy party in style (they haven’t released boat parties info for this season)
  3. Hideout festival – go big or go home, during the daytime and nighttime
  4. Ultra Europe– straight through the hottest days of the summer
  5. Loveweek festival – the longest festival, can you make it through?
  6. Barrakud festival – a summer techno dream
  7. Fresh island festival – the leading hip-hop, RnB and urban music festival in the region
  8. Blacksheep festival – the baby of Zrće beach summer festivals (they haven’t released boat parties info for this season)
  9. Labyrinth open festival – a brilliant satellite event that is focused on music, food, art and technology

So, get your boat party ticket and get your party gear ready – summer is now just around the corner, the beautiful and warm Adriatic sea is waiting for you, and the music is already playing in your mind and in your headphones for sure;)