Budget for your festival season! 1st trick: save for a drink each week!

March 22, 2018

Travel + ticket + sleep + drinks + food + fun + souvenirs. Here’s how to budget for the upcoming festival season …

Start saving small

There’s just a little over 2 months left until the festival season begins and you’ve got some serious budgeting to do if you want a relaxed festival experience, right? Create a budget beforehand and add a few percents extra for the unpredictable expenses. Like that pair of sunglasses you’ll see on the stands, or the extra flip-flops you’ll need because you lost yours the night before.

A small save each day can lead up to a nice amount for your favorite festival. Like 1€ per day, or maybe just leaving out one late night drink each night of the weekend. With an average of about 5 € per drink, that ads up to 100€ over the next 10 weeks, when the first festival is on the schedule. Or even twice as much if you’re catching a festival in August😉

Other ways to increase your budget 

Save your loose change, cancel any unnecessary subscriptions, don’t go to the movies as often. Or become aware of commissions you pay on a regular basis and try to avoid them. Cut entertainment costs by going through your home library;) Bring your lunch to school/work and cut down on the alcohol when you’re eating out (alcohol can be 3-5 times more expensive than non-alcoholic drinks). Use the bike, your rollerblades or feet for transportation. But be sure to make the kind of decisions that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out. #FOMO, no-go!

5 tricks for a good experience on a small budget

If you couldn’t save enough to have a completely care-free experience, don’t worry. You’re not the only one:) Here are some tricks for a ‘cheaper’ festival time …

  1. Look for packaged deals: you can find some good ones right here in the top picks section!
  2. Find a great airport transfer deal: here are some options for Sonus festival!
  3. Know how you’ll move around at the location: a good way of transportation is a shuttle bus! Get more info on that at your festival!
  4. Search early to catch the early bird tickets, if available: by now most early bird offers are gone, but the second or third release could still be more wallet friendly!
  5. Cook your own meals: eating out is expensive, so bring your own food and have easy going dinner parties before a wild night out!
  6. Leave out that last drink of the night: you know you always regret it in the morning;)
And don’t forget to have a blast – not thinking about the money, but just enjoying your friends and the music!


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