Croatia Festival Destinations

Zrće beach

Welcome to the Adriatic’s top party destination of the 21st century. Renowned Zrće beach is the place to be during summertime in Croatia. Not only does the beach deliver beautiful clear blue waters and a cozy atmosphere, it’s a must on your calendar if you want to experience 24-hour party and music madness.

24-hour parties and open-air nightclubs overlooking the sea

Zrće beach is located in Pag island, about 2km from Novalja. The beach is a 1km long stretch of small pebbles, tanned bodies in bikinis and muscle show-offs overlooking the bay of Pag. Early risers and late-night party people will enjoy the view of Velebit mountains coming alive every morning with the first rays of light – an evolving live background for your favorite DJ.

4 months of pure music hedonism

With the festival season starting in the beginning of May and ending in September, Zrće beach with its 8 clubs and bars offers endless music satisfaction. But it gives you much more than that – enjoy water sports, food&drinks and even relaxing beach massages. Combined with sun, sea and friends – Zrće beach is where you’ll want to spend your summer.

Come and join us at the Adriatic’s party hub for a ton of crazy new memories. Check out the open-air clubs and the festivals they host!

Pag island

Pag is known to be one of the more intriguing islands in the Adriatic sea. And there is more than one reason for this. Let’s walk through what makes Pag island a dream vacation spot:

Unique looks

Pag stand sout because of its bizzare moon-like surface – rocky terrain covers most of the island. Pag is truly a rock-ing place? Besides sage and other low growing bushes, the island is mostly known for its olive trees and grass, which makes perfect food for the herds of sheep that inhabit it.

Natural gifts

The olive trees and sheep are a big part of Pag’s identity. Olive trees make tasty local olive oil, and sheep produce the milk that cheesemakers turn into a world delicacy – Paški sir (a.k.a. cheese of Pag). Add a little salt from Pag’s own salt flats and a glass of local wine and you have a mouth watering culinary experience.


The best natural gifts of the island make an amazing culinary base. If you want great local food – Pag is the place to be. Wander around any of the small towns like Pag, Šimuni, Metajna, Lun, Novalja and Stara Novalja to find amazing restaurants that make the most of their local produce. Some of them are Anthony Bourdain approved. Dont’ forget the rule – no swimming for one hour after your meal …

Beaches, beaches, beaches

Some of the beaches on this island are truly amazing. If you want to move away from the crowds just take your car and drive to a different spot every day – you’ll find beauties such as Ručica or Beritnica that’ll make a perfect chill out and photo spot. Your Instagram has never looked better? Don’t forget to explore the underwater world.

Active retreat

Rent scuba diving equipment or just go snorkeling. Get a bike, put on your walking shoes, go water-skiing, sit into a kayak or stand on a stand-up paddleboard. Not enough? Go for a round of miniature golf, a paragliding experience, a bungee jump or a dizzying rock-climbing adventure. Pag has it all, so you’ll never stop moving. Even during the night …

Party in style

Pag island has Zrće – the Ibiza of the Adriatic. Zrće beach is a place for party animals – that’s a fact. If you’re looking for some action, look no further. Zrće’s notorious lifestyle has made Pag an even more desirable vacation spot. You can quickly become a part of that and experience the music madness for a night or even more.

Relax like a boss

If you’re not into party-time, don’t worry – there are numerous relaxing and tranquil places on the island. There, you’ll be able to move away from the hustle and bustle and take a looong, deep, relaaaxing breath in the silence of the crickets and crazy bright orange sunsets, where you can actually hear the sun plop into the sea.


If you’ve come by to book your Ultra Europe festival experience than Split and Hvar island are the places you should get to know.

Split – a great place to start just about any kind of adventure

Split is a lively town and the biggest port in south Croatia, so most of the Dalmatian islands are just a short ferry ride right from the center of the city.

Hang out, chill out, enjoy some water sports and an easy going nightlife on Bačvice and Ovčice city beaches. Take a walk through the stone streets of Split and its famous Riva during the evening. And then go old school with an ice-cream scoop …

Hvar – the fashionista’s dream spot and the dreamer’s hot spot

Hvar is known to be one of the more beautiful and mundane islands in Croatia. Apart from the many celebrities that dock in Hvar’s ports, the island is overflown with curious tourist of all ages – it only depends on which part of the island you make your home.

Enjoy the amazing transparent sea, explore the beaches and the inside. The southern part of the island hides an eco-village with an amazing local food restaurant. Finish the day in the city of Hvar for a night of cocktails and music or take a short boat ride to a party-place on an adjacent island.


Croatia is a wonderful middle-sized country in Eastern Europe. It encompasses over 10.000 large and small islands, that are a popular vacation destination for most Europeans and other travelers from all over the world. The sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic sea, the constant smell of pine tress, amazing nature, tasty local produce and the friendly locals make it a pretty awesome spot. Now mix that with some road trippin’ and a great music festival and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer vacation …

Check out a simple plan for a great summer road trip that’ll take you through some of the top destinations in western Croatia – the part that touches the Adriatic sea.