How-to guide: survive the festival season with ease!

The first festivals of 2018 are up and running and if you’re at one of them right now – HAVE A BLAST. IF it’s still on your summer to do list –  HAVE A BLAST then. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you stay sane and hydrated during the looong festival nights. 3, 2, 1, … let’s go!

The step-by-step guide to your festival nights

🥂 First of all, start with a glass of quality alcoholic beverage and try to make a nice evening toast, before you move the “hardcore liquor” category.
🍽️ Eat a big dinner, so you’ll get your energy level high for the long night.
🍹 Celebrate with champagne/wine/whiskey/vodka/beer/juice – it’s up to you! But be smart!
🎵 Enjoy the music! Yeah we know, it’s awesome music!
👥 Find your friends so you can talk to them and boogie face-2-face – a festival is the time to do it …
💧 Re-hydrate!!!
💧 … aaand have another glass of water, just to be safe.
🕺 Dance, twerk, get jiggy with it … you should already know exactly how to do all of that.
📱 Save all those new numbers and names, so you can contact your new friends again.
💦 Yup, its rehydration time again, anything for a better tomorrow right?
🍸 Maybe have the last drink for the night … it’s summertime!
🌞 It’s now starting to get bright outside. Think about going to bed for the night.
🍔 Have a quick bite to eat. You’ll be glad in the morning.
🛌🏻 Go to bed. Tomorrow will be another party day.

Have a great night and an awesome festival experience!

So, we’ve made a good plan for any and all of the festival nights you’ll be out. And if you’e not at your festival destination just yet,  check out which great festivals are bound to happen in Croatia this summer ☞ click here! Choose by the festival name, music genre, your favorite DJ or your best party destination. Most important – have fun planning!