Party like animals, sleep like kings&queens!

We all know that festival days&nights can be pretty hardcore – lots of drinks, lots of laughs and lots of dancing. So it’s a bare necessity to have a place to relax and sleep off the exhausting night, right? We’ve got you covered with the best party accommodation out there! Want to sleep like a king?

If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.  – Henny Youngman

If you’re visiting Sonus festival this is the offer for you! Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group – check out these three options …

Hostel Happy sun of Pag

A bed in a joined room can get you ready for the next day for only 170€/person for the whole duration of the festival. That’s right, 5 nights back-to-back for only 170€!

If you’re still in search of the festival ticket then you can use our second awesome option: GA ticket&accommodation for 299€!

  • Accommodation 5 nights: 170€
  • Package (accommodation + GA ticket): 299€

Get your deal HERE!

Pearl apartments

A great stay for a group of 5 friends at this cool summer residence can help you relax for 399€ per person – that’s accommodation and ticket combined! Oh yeah, and did we mention the pool? There’s a pool 😉

  • Package (accommodation + GA ticket): 388€

Get your deal HERE!

Petra apartments

If you’re looking for something more, this apartment offers all you need to sleep and cool down. Yup, it’s got a swimming pool at the residence. So, get 4 more friends and head to Novalja for Sonus festival in August. How is this going to affect your budget? This apartment and ticket in a package come in at 388€ per person.

  • Package (accommodation + GA ticket): 399€

Get your deal HERE!