Your festival checklist!

Yaaay, you’re going to a festival. And yaaay, it’s going to be awesome. But before you go, try and go through this festival checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a great experience.

If you’re coming to any of the festivals in Croatia you’re lucky, because you’ll be able to spend your nights in cozy apartments instead of camping in tents;) And that reduces the checklist by a ton!

Your go-to festival checklist

✔️Festival ticket + plane ticket + other transport tickets – You need to get there and get in

✔️Apartment voucher – For your relax&recharge time

✔️Money – You always need this

✔️ID + maybe a photocopy of your ID – For identification and a photocopy in just in case

✔️Insurance – Just to stay on the safe side.

✔️Personal medications – Being in a festival is a life-changing experience, but if you need your regular meds, don’t forget them.

✔️First aid kit – For any small cuts or wounds.

✔️Sun cream – Stay safe and in the shade, but if you’re partying from 11AM to 16PM when the sun is the strongest – put some sun cream on.

✔️Anti-bacterial handwash – So you’ll enjoy your late night pizza just a bit more.

✔️Fully charged mobile phone + (portable) charger – Yup, this is an essential!

✔️Personal cosmetics – What you need or think you need.

✔️Clothes + bathing suit + your best beach towel

✔️Flip-flops + shoes + extra shoes

✔️Sunglasses + hat – Again, stay safe and in the shade, but if you’re partying from 11AM to 16PM when the sun is the strongest – put some protection on.

✔️Contraceptives – This is a non-negotiable. Have fun, but stay safe.

✔️Earplugs – Just in case anything gets a little loud.

What not to bring

So most festivals have these basic don’t-bring-along items, that are forbidden and unwelcome. Let’s go through these real quick, just to make sure you’ll get in for the party without any hiccups!

The following are banned from most music festivals (including Burning Man, Jazz Fest & Bonnaroo):

🚫Weapons – Festivals are a time for peace

🚫Animals or Pets – Sorry, you’ll have to leave your furry friends at home.

🚫Glass – Bring any drinks in cans instead of glass bottles. Check beverage rules first!

🚫Drone – Drones can be dangerous and annoying. Bring your selfie-stick instead if you want to get pictures from a higher angle.

🚫Fireworks, explosives, or aerial flares – No need to risk a forest fire.

🚫Valuables – Don’t bring any valuables! If you absolutely must, keep them with you or in a secure lockbox.

🚫Firearms of any kind – This includes BB guns, air rifles and paintball guns.

🚫Hand-held lasers – Leave these at home.

Got it? Great! Let’s go party!!! Here are the upcoming festivals for the rest of the summer:

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